About Polar Digital

In 1994, POLAR developing business in the Color Separation, which until now has had 9 Image Setter machines of various sizes (the largest 81 x 112 cm) high precision up to a resolution of 4000 dpi, equipped with Impossition System that can do the layout up to the size of Plano. Our other facilities is a Hi-end drum scanner Heidelberg Tango (Topaz, Nextscan) with optical resolution up to 11,000 dpi, also can be used for Copy Dot, Mac and PC formats.

The year 2006 opened a new division in the field of Digital Printing Outdoor. We have 5 Outdoor Printer engine with a max print width of 3.1 meters and unlimited length, up to a resolution of 720 dpi and 1 machine Indoor brand HP Printer and Konica Minolta Printer for purposes print on demand (POD).

We provide Digital Print Large Format Copier to print black and white images in various media (paper, tracing, and kodak astralon trace) for the purpose of printing, mechanical and engineering drawings, architectural drawings and others up to A0 size.

In 2009, we equip the facility with Laser Cutting is a better value than the service One Stop Digital Printing.

To support the maximum service, we complete all the equipment used by the original software.